925 silver – what is sterlings silver

925 silver – what is sterlings silver

What is Sterling Silver?

Silver is a precious white metal which is highly conductive and malleable. Because of its softness and receptiveness to polish, silver was notably first used during ancient times to create tableware with intricate designs and a mirror-like shine. Then in the 12th century Europe, people discovered that silver could be alloyed with other metals to create a more durable and useful material known today as sterling silver.

Sterling Silver is a mixture of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. The very small amount of copper gives the metal enough strength and hardness to be made into jewellery.

Pure silver is too soft for products like jewellery, so the jewellery is most likely sterling silver, an alloy of 92.5 per cent silver and 7.5 per cent copper (though sometimes other metals are used).

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silver rings 


Sterling silver Charms

Sterling silver charms

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sterling silver charms

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Silver Rings | Silver Round Cut cubic zirconia Ring

Silver rings


Sterling Silver 1.25 Ct Princess Twist cubic zirconia Ring. This beautiful ring will make an eye-catching addition to your jewellery collection. Containing at least 92.5% pure sterling silver is a versatile and malleable metal that can take on a variety of attractive finishes. Bright and bold. Handmade from high-quality materials, this piece packs plenty of visual punch see more rings