Mewe-jewelry My story


No one ever said doing something you love would also be easy. I started mewe-jewelry many years ago in the UK it was me we accessories back then and it was a high street based company. It wasn’t easy then and don’t think it will ever be easy.  It wasn’t anything I had ever thought about in my life as when I was young I wanted to be a distance runner and up to the age of 20 that was my dream. Sadly the death of my daughter born in 1991 sent me off into a spiral of self-destruction the running became a past thought and drugs and nightclubs became a passion or should I say a distraction from the misery. A few years passed and I drew out of under my rock to working in retail and realised that I enjoyed the concept of selling and the challenges of running a department in a hardware store in the north of England. I worked hard increased the sales in the department and went on to a larger department until I ended up being promoted to manager in the hardware section the largest in the store. sadly for myself, I was never going to be a perfect employee. I never liked being told about the rules and employers do insist on rules but I was never born to work in the boundaries of self-control something that gets me into trouble often. so in my madness, I handed in my notice and decided to set out on my own. – to be continued


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