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Delicate Infinite Heart Ring

To some, the infinity can symbolize its more modern interpretation of eternity and everlasting love. However, to others, their connection to the infinity draws from its ancient understanding as the symbol of perfection, duality and empowerment. throughout the ages and various cultures, the infinity symbol was used to represent different concepts and ideas. There is a meaning that has ritualized from India and Tibet, where the symbol represented perfection and equilibrium between the male and female gender  our silver rings with infinity simple design are without one of our most popular styles – mewe-jewelry

Silver Rings

Silver Rings – Sterling silver crown ring Crafted in polished silver with a rhodium finish this band features a cut jewels in a classic and ageless design. perfect and stunning. At first, this design was created by Pandora but has since been tweaked and made now by many companies in very simpler styles. here at mewe-jewelry, we sell the ring as part of the sterling silver range for 
$23.00 AUD

Silver Rings 

Mewe-jewelry My story


No one ever said doing something you love would also be easy. I started mewe-jewelry many years ago in the UK it was me we accessories back then and it was a high street based company. It wasn’t easy then and don’t think it will ever be easy.  It wasn’t anything I had ever thought about in my life as when I was young I wanted to be a distance runner and up to the age of 20 that was my dream. Sadly the death of my daughter born in 1991 sent me off into a spiral of self-destruction the running became a past thought and drugs and nightclubs became a passion or should I say a distraction from the misery. A few years passed and I drew out of under my rock to working in retail and realised that I enjoyed the concept of selling and the challenges of running a department in a hardware store in the north of England. I worked hard increased the sales in the department and went on to a larger department until I ended up being promoted to manager in the hardware section the largest in the store. sadly for myself, I was never going to be a perfect employee. I never liked being told about the rules and employers do insist on rules but I was never born to work in the boundaries of self-control something that gets me into trouble often. so in my madness, I handed in my notice and decided to set out on my own. – to be continued


Silver Charms Australia

Silver Charms Australia

Charm bracelets are delightful and beautiful Jewellery that can last for a lifetime. Their durability is contributed by the new pieces that are evolving to mark special occasions. Silver charms have gained popularity among men and women who came from different social classes and culture.
The practice of wearing these treasured pieces of Jewellery is being passed from one generation to another. The following are the main categories of types of occasions where charms are worn.

Special Occasions
Charms are favourite gifts used to mark special occasions. Silver charms may be worn or given as presents on a person’s birthday or graduation. The charm may feature a wide range of plants, animals, or insects.
In silver charms Australia the popular choices include various types of leaves, bees, cats, and ladybirds. The variation of the tree-life feature which has a spiritual meaning on some people is also popular.

Love, Luck, and Inspiration
Most of the silver charms turn to represent protection, inspiration, love, and luck. These features are usually accompanied by quotes that encourage enduring love, self-belief, and good luck. Silver charms Australia has a variety of silver charms that can be presented to a person as a sign or gift of a significant transition in life.
Spiritual and Religious Symbols
Charms have been a popular choice for spiritual symbols meant to bring blessings and show possession of faith. Most silver charms are worn when marking an important religious occasion such as remembrance of a loved one or baptism. They are also worn to provide comfort during hard times.

Silver charms are of quality due to their preciousness as well as their contribution to the appearance of a person. There is a meaning and relevance when wearing a charm.
Silver charms Australia makes beautiful pieces of silver charms that are precious and worth the purpose. It is advisable to consult these professionals for the best choice of silver charms.

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History of Rings

History of ringsEngagement ring, silver rings and promise rings

The concept of engagement rings can be dated back to Egyptian times a thousand years ago. This tradition has since then spread and has taken its own twist in different cultures and countries; the only thing remaining constant is the engagement ring. Fiancées were given rings as a promise of betrothal, to signify a commitment to the marriage contract and even as an exchange of wealth.

Earlier wedding bands were made of simple designs and were crafted out of iron and bronze. Gold and silver rings were used by the upper class and by the royalty exclusively. The use of diamonds in the wedding bands was not seen till the 15th century. The first one to use these was nobles and royalty. Due to these bands being a “keeper” ring was placed over the top of the betrothal ring to ensure the betrothal ring was not lost.

The official engagement ring made its presence in the market in the late 1800s. Thanks to the huge influx of newly mined gold and diamond which led to the availability of gold and diamond engagement rings. Since that time, the betrothal ring became the engagement ring and the keeper ring became the wedding band.

The promise ring is given as a symbol. Where a wedding ring is a symbol of the union of two people in marriage, the promise ring symbolizes different things to different couples. The ring is usually a simple style. If it has gemstones, they’re usually not diamonds, although, small diamonds can be used. The ring is not normally as impressive as an engagement ring or wedding band. Rings with heart designs and simple gold bands with gemstones are common in promise ring designs.

A version of the promise ring, known as the betrothal ring, was used in ancient Rome while the Greeks thought of the rings as a way of keeping someone on your mind constantly. In the early 1700s, a version of a promise ring or “poise ring” was popular among lovers.

A promise ring might be considered a step to marriage as a pre-engagement ring; it can be a promise of commitment and monogamy. The ring itself will vary as much as an engagement ring would. It’s a sweet, delicate ring that captures your intent to marry her one day without the expectation that it will be soon. The ring is meant to showcase commitment and exclusivity.

Each of these rings is attached with an emotion; these emotions our flowing from generations to generations making these rings an eminent part of our lives.

We at understand the emotions that go behind making and choosing the perfect cut and design to make your day special. We keep a great selection of engagement rings that one could choose from for their lady love to propose. Not ready for a proposal but you want to show how much you love her? Not to worry we have got you covered, we have a collection of promise rings for you as well. And for all the stylish people out there who just love them some good quality silver rings, we have a quality selection for you as well.


Rose Gold Rings

Rose Gold Rings

I love these new Gold rings we have in store check Em out

This Gold ring Add a sophisticated finishing touch to any outfit with this elegant women’s rings. The 14K Gold material has a bright, shiny finish that will always be in style. The unique quality of this beautiful radiant-cut ring enhances your individual style.


Gold Ring

This Gold ring Add a sophisticated finishing touch to any outfit with this elegant women’s rings. The 14K Gold material has a bright, shiny finish that will always be in style. The unique quality of this beautiful radiant-cut ring enhances your individual style.

Pandora charms or NOT

Pandora charms or NOT

For the longest time, Pandora has had the market to themselves. But in recent years I believe they have become the charm that symbolises greed within a company. pandora charms are indeed made in Thailand for the reason that labour is cheaper in country like Thailand and China. so why does the charm company charge so much for it’s product . its simple the bottom line in profits. let’s face the facts there are many companies out their now making and selling Quality charms for half the price. and the quality is no different. But if the ALE logo means more than the price tag well I guess paying the extra must seem worth the price . for me I would rather have two charms for the price I would pay for one pandora and forget about the stamp
charms at Mewe-jewelry

Pre-Engagement Ring

Pre-Engagement Ring vs. Other Promises: The Looks of Love

Promise ring designs may be influenced by the promise the ring represents. If a promise ring is given as a pre-engagement ring, the ring may be designed to look similar to an engagement ring. A small solitaire diamond or a larger gemstone surrounded by a halo of diamonds illustrates the significance the promise of a future marriage represents. A pre-engagement ring also could look similar to a wedding band—a row of channel-set diamonds on a plain band. mewe-jewelry